Design services

You know where your strengths are, but don’t know how to interpret them into a visual context.

You wish to improve your client’s experience and make their journey more enjoyable and informative.

You want to start your new business with a well-crafted visual identity supported by intelligent and thoughtful design.

You seek to connect emotionally with your new and existing customers and therefore build a lifelong relationship with them.

You strive to make the passion, message and essence of your business understandable to your audience and aren’t searching for mere decoration of your business card or website.

You need a Brand Identity Design you can be proud of

Then you are at the right place and now is the right time. I’m here to help you. I’m the visual medium between you and your customers. I’m your problem solver.

What sets a successful brand identity design apart from a decoration?

Ask the right questions, listen to and understand the needs.

Think simple. Show details without losing the big picture. Give it a meaning.

Brand design is a process

The trick is to put all gained information and the inspiration into a defined design strategy in order to deliver an unique and effective problem solving solution.

That’s what I do, I cooperate with you and aim at determining what works and what doesn’t to turn your message into a powerful statement.

I offer Brand Identity Design for small to medium sized companies, creatives and artists who strive to communicate the right story. Simply said, I style visually your outer image that strengthens your experience and expertise and helps you speak clearly to your target audience.

Are you telling the right story?

Let’s work together. Get in touch and we make it happen.

Good design is good business.

- Thomas J. Watson, Jr.